International Independent Inspection and Supervision Company


Our  Services:

Cargo survey:

General, bulk, liquid, timber, foodstuff cargoes:
  • Pre loading survey
  • Visual quality and quantity controll
  • Supervision of loading / discharging operations
  • Supervision of weighing
  • Tallying / Stowage survey
  • Cargo sampling
  • Sealing
  • Radioactivity Control
  • Laboratory analyses

Containers inspection:

  • Container condition survey.
  • Container seals removal.
  • Photos of container and its seals before opening.
  • Visual cargo inspection, cargo photos.
  • Container sealing after inspection.
  • Issue of inspection report.

Technical and special inspection of condition of vessel’s

  • Marine inspections.
  • On/Off hire survey.
  • Hold condition inspection.
  • Draught survey.
Using a neutral international inspection company in purchase / sales transaction, helps you to avoid disputes that may occur in the event your business partner neglects the conditions determined in the mutual agreement. To prevent any disputes with your partner in the future we recommended you to nominate the inspection company, accepted by both parties, in the agreement.