International Independent Inspection and Supervision Company



Stewart Nordic Inspection is an international independent inspection and supervision company, with over 20 years experience. Therefore, clients are assured to have prompt and accurate examination results.

The company are registered Members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We successfully provide our services in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Scandinavia and Russia.

We are acknowledged and certified by the National Standards Board of Estonia as an Organization of Commodity Control and have been issued a license of activities in classifying commodities and measuring the quantities for customs declarations.

Throughout any inspection, you are provided with total support complete with regular progress updates.

The results of inspection are presented in expert opinions, reports and certificates that are accepted in international arbitration.

Our main areas of activities are:

  • Visual quality and quantity control of different commodities:
    fertilizers, timber, metals, coal, coke, and peat moss, cereals, seeds, pulses, foodstuffs (e.g. fruits and vegetables, meat and fish products, flour, sugar), edible oil, paper, cars.
  • Marine inspections.
  • Tallying.
  • Draught survey.
  • ON / OFF hire survey.
  • Vessel's hold cleanliness and condition survey.
  • Sampling of different materials and laboratory analyses.
  • Radioactivity control in metals.
  • Sorting sawn timber into quality grades and quality / quantity inspection of saw logs, pulpwood, plywood.
  • Consultative assistance.  more info...
Using a neutral international inspection company in purchase / sales transaction, helps you to avoid disputes that may occur in the event your business partner neglects the conditions determined in the mutual agreement. To prevent any disputes with your partner in the future we recommended you to nominate the inspection company, accepted by both parties, in the agreement.